AFter I went to my dream house on White Lake, (1.2 million), I previewed a three million dollar home, on White lake which was right around the corner from all the great places to eat. The house, massive, had five bedrooms, all with baths, a huge 1100 sq.foot living room, at least fifty feet of granite countertop which surrounded the kitchen (very efficient fabulous kitchen) and  I moved into a area  beyond the kitchen where one could prepare to step out on a massive deck overlooking white lake, to my right a sunken large kidney shaped swimming pool with many comfortable couches surrrounding that. Further out to my right was a cabana and an area where one could spend  private time with a friend on a point along the lake. I looked across the lake and saw mansions, one was owned by a man who is designing sky scrapers for China.     All of this on one floor, which spread out over god knows how much land, and across from the back of the house, a gorgeous guest house overlooking a unbelievable tennis court.  There are koi ponds, beautiful play grounds, all kinds of things, not to mention the rolls royce in the garage. After I finished my preview , I went to eat at one of the many eateries on the lake and was casually telling the owner about my find, and she who has lived here all of her life, could not fathom anything like that at White Lake. By the way this place looked brand new, was very well kept up. NO MOLD IN SIGHT.  O.K. Great place to play and live. White Lake and if you cannot buy one of these gorgeous homes, or more importantly pay the taxes yearly on it, take your kids on the public side of the lake and find the guy who rents out the famous banana boat, it is around eighty dollars, and go for an hour of fun and workout with your entire family is worth the time.