Well, this is hard to swallow, I once said that I would never buy a home in White Lake, it seems so crowded. Folks, I found my dream home at White Lake, it is a little out  of my price range but it is believe it or not a slice of heaven, huge slice. The house does not look like much from the outside, and as I approached it , I became concerned that it did not reflect what the price was on it: 1.2 million!  As I climbed the stairs to what seemed like a modest ranch, I discovered a whole new eco -world, a large screen porch all teak, overlooking a lake with no homes on it, but alive with beaver, deer, and and amazing birds and forests on one side, directly in front are lovely wild bushes, a teak halfmoon bridge, leading out to a tennis court all fenced in. There are wild blueberry bushes, plum trees, raspberry bushes and so forth, and to the left one can see touches of White Lake through the trees.  There are wetlands carefully covered by secure decking leading out to the motorboat lake, and the foliege, the wild pine, and the whole area was cool and beautiful. All of this just visible from the large screened in porch which is beautifully built and accentuated with lovely wood, walking indoors, is also a tremendous hit of oh my god what an elegant home, cozy, and yet so elegant, the stone fireplace, the glass that goes around corners, and on another side a beautiful deck, which wraps around and narrowly leads down to the Master bedroom with a stunning bathroom,which I could give a dinner party in, well small one, all of this opens out to view a lake , large and endless surrounded by woods, no houses in sight. Once outside, and leaving, it became the house that was a secret surprise, I looked at it as I left, and drove through White Lake Estates, which has tons of lovely homes, many on the water, they have alot of activities in here. Worth thinking about for a wonderful summer vacation with the kids.