This is a new endeavor for me, I have decided to write a blog on what I am thinking about at the moment!  Most folks do not know Swan Lake, New York. This is a photo of the lake, very gorgeous quiet lake, 220 acres of water, and few homes around it. There are  a handful of  homes with motor boat rights and this listing has deeded motor boat rights. .What is amusing to me is that an artist named Heniggar, who painted portraits of Einstein  Picasso, and other knowns also painted a scene of Swan Lake in the fall which I saw at a gallery in New York. ! There are some beautiful five acre waterfront lots up for sale  on Swan Lake for 195.000 and up.   The best deal on the lake are 21 lots , divided, approved with underground electric. Survey and maps are available and all of this for 1,100.000..There are some great deals out here on a relatively  quiet lake, full of surprises and fabulous fishing! Denny Pratt