A customer asked me to show him a place in Swan Lake, it was a house on over an acre and a half, with three bedrooms, one and a half baths, large living room, large kitchen, and huge basement. It was going for very little, a good deal, and he put money down with an offer. The secret was that his wife loved it, and I had to give him kudos for listening to her and doling out the extra cash to get this house. She will make him very happy living in the house she loves. I love Swan Lake, just the name evokes something mysterious, and it is a huge over 200 acre lake with much land all around it. I have a lovely waterfront home which is one of just a few that has deeded motorboat rights to this lake. I am out there showing it on weekends , give me a call if you want to be included on the walk through . My phone is 845 866 0662