Today I was out doing an inspection on a house that a client of mine wants to buy in Smallwood , a community of artistic and interesting homes around a lake, with pool, post office, tennis courts, and a restuarant, that is open year round and is quite popular . I have heard that this place has fantastic hamburgers and MUSIC as well. The community of folks that live there also have every weekend , a wonderful place to shop and eat, it is a outdoor farm market that is vast and plentiful with Ethnic foods cooked there, home grown veggies, clothing, it is beginning to look like the outdoor market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I saw a gorgeous home in Smallwood for 159,000, it has hardwood floors, and each room is an artistic delight, the gardens around it are varied,nice blue stone patio on one side, and nothing can be built around this home that overlooks the lake. It is a great buy. There are many houses in Smallwood, and many for sale, go into Quick Search and look them over, give me a call to make an appointment to see one. Would love to show you the artistic house, would love to see it again.