When I first got into Real Estate, I heard about Rock Hill, Emerald Green , and Lake Louise Marie, all in one breath. Driving into this complex is confusing, there is treasure lake, lake louise marie, two clubs, and it all is in the town of Thompson, which translates to Monticello School system. !!!   A popular area , just off exit 109 , of 17 west, many vacationers spend their summers here, now it is becoming popular with commuters from Manhattan, retirees , and year round folks wanting a community to live in and enjoy. There are condos, lakefronts, small homes, many built in the 70ties, and yet there is a fair amount of new construction in this area. The pool is beautiful, the club house is busy in the winter and the summer, they have activities for all ages, and you can get off at exit 110, where you can see the pool and clubhouse for Lake Louise Marie, or 109 which takes you straight into Emerald Green. PRICES ARE FABULOUS IN HERE RIGHT NOW.....THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO BUY. CALL ME TO SEE ROCK HILL. DENNY PRATT AT 845 866 0662