A few days ago, I was in Loch Sheldrake showing a lovely lakeview house($159,000) , and decided to show my customers around by going to the Lake Restuarant on route 52, it is called Bum&Kehls..they have a wonderful covered deck with places to sit overlooking the water. to my surprise, I spotted a woman walking down to a beach area, stripping down to her bathing suit and jumping in the lake! Wow, they have a public beach for swimming! The lake is a gorgeous mountain stream fed lake, and few folks take advantage of swimming in a lake with a sandy bottem, and even fewer boats use the lake. On occasion I have seen kids being towed around on rubber tubes having a blast.  So next on my list is trying out Loch Sheldrake for swimming, I have heard that it is wonderful and I never knew about the beach, which one can view from the restuarant. There is also a homeowners association, which provides a dock , swimming pool, and place to put boats for a song, but that is available only to homeowners. Have a Happy Day...Denny Pratt