Ever so often, I take my dog Rosie for a long walk, I like friendly roads, roads that incorporate country, lake, smiling faces, and cute cottages, and that road is Fraser rd, in the  Kiamesha Lake area.  There is a lovely white home, with a barn overlooking a lake, I love to walk by this place , it is so quiet. Across the road, from this cute house with red barn and lake, is a cottage for sale. This is the buy of the century for $29,000, with hardwood floors, drilled well, nice kitchen, it also has gas heat, could be winterized easily. Oh and I almost forgot it has two bedrooms and a little porch. This is Affordable living! Close by and interesting also is a bunch of town houses called Patio Homes, these go for fifty thousand and up, and there is a pool, clubhouse and so forth, well priced and affordable. There are single homes above the patio home area, and they go for more money but they are large and over look the lake, these homes are very close to public transportation, Walmart , Shoprite and so forth. good buys in here!!!!