Ever so often I drive over to Hurleyville, a small town that looks sleepy but as one looks at it more closely, well, it is picking up considerably. There is a  gorgeous new building renovation that spruces up the look of the town, it is a building that is owned by Center for Discovery, a huge outfit that has a farm on a back road in Hurleyville, and a huge layout of theraputic buildings in Harris . Center for Discovery is a major employer in the area, always a good place to look for a job. Anyhow , there are quite a few homes for sale in Hurleyville that are priced well, these homes are on Columbia ave., right off the main street , as one leaves town headed to Anawanda rd, which takes one  to Walmart, Shoprite, and 17 north and south. It is worth a look on Quick search, to see these homes, most of them need some paint and abit of landscaping but they are good buys for sure. Hurleyville has a great restuarant, it could use a new rug but I have heard fabulous reports about their fish dishes that are very well priced. There are some cute places to buy antiques and a small grocery store as well. Hurleyville has street festivals, and parades, and it also has its' Rails to trails, " a wonderful trail that follows waterways, and goes all the way to South Fallsburg.