There are many lakes in Sullivan County that is for sure, but few know about  Echo Lake, which is in South Fallsburg, it is a 80 acre mountain spring fed lake, and is great for swimming, fishing and sailing. The lake has a ring of houses on one side, which makes it quite special, in that when one swims in this lake, one feels that it is just the water, the woodsy view, and you..the water feels like silk, so refreshing. Rails to trails rings one side, these are trails only for walking, The lake is a private lake, and only the folks who live on the lake can swim there. There is a sandy beach, chairs, and picnic table set up for members. Currently there are two homes available on the lake, one is a lake view home which has just finished being renovated, another is a gorgeous architectural house that can be called green. The lake view home is selling for a modest 199,000, the architectural home is selling for 399,000,