Everyone loves Bethel! Why,? it is so pretty, with rolling hills of green grass, bucolic, neat and CLEAN looking, very different from the rest of Sullivan County which has beautiful areas that are blotched with seediness. It also has the performing arts center, Chapin Estates , now on the way out to Bethel on 17 B is a great breakfast and lunch place called Blanches on the right side of the road approaching Smallwood. It has the most fabulous blue berry pancakes, and other wonderful things as well. Blanche is too busy to talk, look at the cars lined up, that sez it all. There are some great buys in Bethel , and one house that I showed is on Perry road, the bones of the house were great but it needs as the listing broker told me fluffing and puffing...paint, updating, a deck , and a few other things will make this home a lovely.  Perry road is a gorgeous road and is just beyond the turn into Hurd road where the performing arts center resides.  Also do not forget to check out the Farm Market in Bethel, there are all kinds of goodies, great veggies, home baked items, tons and tons of crafts and food stands, they also have music, it is a fun fall festival. !  This is on the same road as the Performing  Arts Center. So many things to do in Bethel, so many places to eat, and just beyond that is one of my very favorite places, :tomorrow , I will write about Jeffersonville.!