Today, I am doing a Open House for my listing on Murphy road, hope some folks show up to see this great house. In driving down this road, well, first of all the road is a real country road, paved , yes but abit bumpy, just abit. Along this road , hidden in the woods are some beautiful houses, and intermittantly along this road are bungalow colonies, some working, some not. It is a road that many walk on because there is little traffic, the activity is a joy to watch, so many folks that come to Sullivan county enjoy the healthy benefits it has to offer and many walk, ride bikes, or go to the falls in Fallsburg, right behind the post office , to sunbath , swim or play on the rocks.  There is a pizza place with Sparkles (have no idea what they are but sounds like something fun) Hope you all have a Happy Sunday, for now, I am Denny Pratt